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Ground Power

Prepare Your Home for Any Emergency
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Prepare Your Home for Any Emergency

Emergency situations happen. It is a fact of life that none of us can do anything about. Issues like fire and tornados can quickly become life and death matters as well as simple power outages that end up lasting for days. Being prepared ahead of time is your best defense against these situations. Fire Educate yourself and family members on how to avoid fires. Teach everyone kitchen safety, the proper…
Ground Power For Large Electronics
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Ground Power For Large Electronics

Ground power for large electronics is needed any time a business installed something that requires its own power supply. Servers, large electronics, major appliances and other items all need something like a Start Pac to keep them running. Each of these items can be managed much better when it is not attached to the local power line, and the unit can be protected much more easily from power surges. The…
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