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Wacom Launches Three New Bamboo and Cintiq 24HD

wacom luncurkan tiga bamboo cintiq 24hd talker

Wacom this time presenting the Bamboo 3rd generation, where this multi-touch product comes with wireless capabilities, allowing users more flexibility in ideas and creativity. On the same occasion, by taking location at the Mandarin Oriental, Wacom also announced the presence of the latest Cintiq with 24-inch widescreen High Definition which intended for creative professionals who are looking for a digital drawing surface with a pen on the best screen.

Attending at launching event (photo above from left to right) Chris Lee as the Founder of Caravan Studio; Mary Oetomo as Director of PT Datascrip; Shigeki Komiyama Executive Officer as the Director of the Division General Manager of Global Marketing and Sales Division Wacom Co., Ltd. Tokyo Office; KC Leong as the Sales Manager (DCC, Con); and Jeremy Hermanto as Division Manager posing together in the launching of Wacom products.

wacom luncurkan tiga bamboo terbaru

Bamboo presented three options with a variety of sizes and colors models, namely Bamboo Fun for medium-sized, Bamboo Pen as well as Bamboo Pen & Touch for small size. Model Pen & Touch and Fun which lightly, this time has wireless capabilities, so users can express their creativity while relaxing on the couch or take outhouse. This cordless freedom will be felt their benefits during use for a long time.

The whole model of the new Bamboo tablet for both PC and Mac, using a sensitive pen against pressure and without need for batteries and cables. Pen design has been enhanced, now comes with a more aesthetically pleasing to touch area, as well as a better pen button along with a new nuanced eraser. Has a 1024 pressure level which allows users to make the cursor movement and highly accurate handwriting.

Bamboo Pen

Bamboo Pen is the perfect initial model to introduce you to the world of Bamboo. The design is compact giving ease of use and intuitive touch. This model is a tablet that is ideal for carrying your image content to be alive. Bamboo Pen comes on the market at a price of US $95.

Bamboo Pen & Touch

New Bamboo Pen & Touch, with charming designs that will certainly be an attraction on the table to anyone. Tablets are black framed with a combination of black and lime. Includes a place for wireless accessories kit supplied separately. Four Key Express which can be changed customize and easier in navigating computer as well as his pen give accuracy in creating. This is what makes Bamboo Pen & Touch is extraordinary to be used. Bamboo Pen & Touch comes with a price of US $135.

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Bamboo Fun

Bamboo Fun stylish appearance and its size with moderate (medium) make this tablet are easy and fun to use. Comes with all features of Bamboo Pen & Touch, it is also bundled with the superior software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Bamboo Scribe 3.0. this medium-sized tablet also comes with Corel Painter Essentials 4, which can change any computer into a digital canvas and a paintbrush Bamboo pen versatile. Bamboo Fun is perfect for creative work, either for retouching and editing, or starts from scratch. Bamboo Fun comes with a price range of US $240.

Bamboo Wireless Accessory Kit

Bamboo and Bamboo Fun Tablet Pen & Touch can now be used both wirelessly thus making it easier to carry and use in long distances. Kit accessories that plug-and-play wireless dongle is included to connect the tablet with PCs, Macs, and laptops.

Cintiq 24HD

wacom luncurkan cintiq 24hd

At the same time, Wacom also introduced the newest Cintiq with 24-inch sized HD 1920 x 1200 and has a holder that can be set according to user desires. The slope and height of the Cintiq 24HD can be altered by a variety of working positions, even to get out from the edge of the table and floating on the lap of the user.

wacom luncurkan cintiq 24hd posisi2

In frame around the screen given comfort to put hand and arms fit, providing easy access to ExpressKeys and Touch Ting on both sides, allowing users using right hand or left-handed users. Cintiq 24HD also integrates the most realistic experience of a typical Wacom pen, with 2048 level pressure and 40 degrees of tilt control.

wacom luncurkan cintiq 24hd pena

Cintiq pen 24HD has a sensor technology tip pen Wacom typical, with initial pressure close to zero (one gram) and the same natural taste when working with traditional brushes and pens. 2048 pressure level of a pen allows the effects of sensitive pressure, such as control line thickness and opacity. When combined with application-device software from Adobe ®, Autodesk ®, Corel ® or Pixologic ®, Cintiq can produce results as the original. The pen is also equipped with a pressure-sensitive eraser and two side buttons that can be customized for common commands such as double-click and right-click.

Cintiq 24HD planned to be available in my country at the end of 2011.

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